Many people start a business with great hopes and dreams. And many of those starters don’t ever realise those hopes and dreams.

Across the years I have worked with many people in many businesses across many industries and in various countries. Most people have one thing in common within their business, whether they are just starting out or they have been there for decades.

One thing that is common is not having a clear understanding of precisely who is their client. This leads to a lot of unwelcome issues within the business including unhappy clients. However when a business clearly understands who their client is, there are very few problems associated with delivering whatever service or product the business provides.

Although identifying one’s ideal client in the ideal way is not altogether easy, there is a process to follow which will lead to the right client.

Knowing who your ideal client is means you are many steps ahead in achieving whatever hopes and dreams you have for your future.

To help, on October 26, I’ll be hosting a workshop called “How to Find & Identify your Ideal Client” where I will walk you through the process of identifying your ideal customer.

Your ticket includes; the session with me, Morning Tea, a Light Lunch and Afternoon Tea. PLUS a review of your ideal client description/persona with me via Zoom.

Register on this link.