Linda Reed-EneverPublicist and Marketing Consultant Linda Reed-Enever lives and breathes publicity with a passion for connecting; everything from people to ideas.

Linda our founder and the Principal Director at ThoughtSpot PR, with her ‘can do’ attitude and entrepreneurial spirit she inspires and motivates as she connects people and opportunity.

Linda’s innate ability to network and think on her feet has positioned her as a dynamic leader in the communications and marketing arena and often the marketing ‘go to’ girl.

Starting her career in sales and marketing and moved into communications working for leading organisations such as Drake, RSL Com and Optus.

Now the founder of Media Connections and Director of ThoughtSpot PR Linda is a thought leader in her field with her ability to think out of the box and deliver new and creative ideas setting her apart.

It is her capacity for strategic thinking that allows her to shine and excel in the business and marketing arenas. She shares her marketing wisdom with other growing businesses in her own unique and unflappable style.

With her enthusiasm for new experiences and love of finding new things Linda was destined to grow to be either a professional Geo-Cacher, or become the inspiring leader in Communications that she is today.

PR and Marketing was a career that found Linda because it is the place she is meant to be.

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