Sometimes in business it’s difficult to remain aware of the positives.

Customers want. Suppliers want. Staff want. Everybody wants. And everybody seems to want a piece of “You”.

Reminding yourself of what is important to you about you, and about your business can sometimes seem a lost cause because all the messages are about rush, hurry, stress!

Well have you ever invited a customer or client to provide a testimonial? The wonderful thing about testimonials is that they all say how wonderful you are. What a great outcome!

And something else. Usually we put testimonials on our wall or on our website or somewhere else that a potential customer might see them so that customer is helped along their journey by someone who has been before them.

That’s great, but there is another use for testimonials. To remind yourself of the Good Stuff, get your testimonials out and read them yourself.

Not only are they saying how great you are, it’s someone other than you saying it. Gotta be true!! Doesn’t get better than that, does it?

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