Just as professional sports people employ coaches to give them the best chance of success, so do more and more business people. Your coach knows how to get the best from you and helps ensure you reach your goals in the best possible time frame.

Challenges common to business include:

  • Too Few Clients / Too few of the “right” clients
  • Poor communication / Poor networking results
  • Too Long at Work / Not achieving enough
  • People Management / Staff turnover / Staff performance
  • Lack of Clarity
  • Not enough Sales
  • Not enough Money

To overcome any of these or other challenges in your business, a well made Business Plan provides the direction for your activities; ensures you know where you are going, gives staff  and other stakeholders a clear vision of your expectations and increases the likelihood of you achieving your goals.

When Creating Your Business Plan you need to consider:

  1. Where you actually are
  2. Where your want to be
  3. What resources you have available
  4. Time
  5. And how you are going to do what you plan

Most of all you need to be honest with yourself and your coach so you can get the most from your business plan.


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