Many people in business become so tied up in the day to day that they lose sight of what they wanted from the business when they started. It’s easy to do and it’s not easy to see your way out of it.

Numbers hold the answer. And generally, those numbers appear too simple. By measuring the key activities which will deliver the result you a trying to achieve you can see the direction you need to travel.

Numbers give you the power to ascertain exactly what’s working within a business, and what needs improvement. They identify the leaks, highlight areas of weakness, and reveal the right points to direct your attention.

When seeking a result, an outcome, the achievement of a goal, it is easy to become so focused on the goal that the activity necessary to achieve the goal is overlooked. To achieve a goal, focusing on the goal is important. Remembering how a goal is to be achieved is also important.

We can control the activity. We cannot control the outcome. Therefore focusing on the activity and reviewing the performance guides us to more easily achieving our goals.

Reviewing and accurately interpreting performance relative to established KPI’s shows you where to focus energy and what activity to apply so that goals become more tangible and more often achieved.

Critically, the numbers allow you to analyse the action to change the numbers of the future. It’s all about measuring and adjusting,

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