Summer has passed now and March is here bringing the first day of Autumn, which means the media are starting to look at winter and spring story line-ups. We are also just a hop, skip and chocolate fix away from Easter, are barreling towards the school holidays and almost a quarter of the way through the year.

Combined, this presents some great opportunities to gain media exposure.

Tip of the Month:

The press releases you create are all part of a wider content conversation. Like all conversations, the more you talk and engage, the more people know about you, understand what you do and remember who you are.

March Facts:

  • Daffodils are the flower symbol of March
  • The zodiac signs for March are Pisces (Feb 19 – March 20) and Aries (March 21 – April 19)
  • The March birthstone is Aquamarine.

Release Ideas and Angles for March:

Busy Roads, Boating and Travel:
The Easter holidays are just a few weeks away, with most states commencing the break around April 5. That makes March the time to start rolling out content.
Traditionally the Easter holiday is one where people take to the road for a quick break or family getaway.
So now is the opportunity for some great travel ideas including destination overviews and tips for road trips and keeping safe on those busy roads too.
In coastal areas Easter is a prime time for boating and fishing, making this good content for regional papers and online outlets.
All things Easter:
This year Easter falls on April 21, but the coming weeks will begin to see media interest in this event ramp up.
For business, this presents a number of opportunities including recipes for easy Easter entertaining, DIY Easter egg ideas, craft, healthy options and also the different traditions and celebrations surrounding this event.
Autumn fashion:
As the days take on a little more chill, all eyes are on fashion. Now is the time to profile what trends lie ahead over autumn and winter.
Autumn food:
Autumn is the opportunity to roll out those heartier recipes and tips for preparing healthy winter meals. It’s also the chance for hospitality venues to showcase their autumn menus.
Winter sports like AFL, football and League all kick off over the coming weeks. This lends itself to footy tipping articles, and advice on sports for children.
March brings environmental awareness campaigns like Earth Hour on March 30 and Clean Up Australia Day on March 3.
Both these campaigns offer the opportunity for business to discuss their environmental commitment and involvement, highlighting issues like recycling, and energy conservation.
A big month for women:
March is not only Women’s History Month, it also brings us International Women’s Day. Now is a great time to be talking about inspiring women of the present and past.
Your top fives:
Quick tips in your area of expertise are a great way to get your message out while offering something to the public, so write down your top 5 tips and create a release.
Business budgeting:
Tax time is a-comin’, and in the interim that quarterly BAS is due. This means it’s timely for articles about business budgets and end of financial year business investments.
What’s your story?
The how and why behind your business offers a great chance to tell the history of your business and what prompted you to do what you do.  

Some Key March Dates you could write a release around:

1-31-Mar March Australian Women’s History Month
8-Mar March International Women’s Day
8-14-Mar March World Glaucoma Week
8-15-Mar March Multiple Birth Awareness Week
8-15-Mar March Be Cruelty Free Week
9-Mar March Eight Hours Day

For more key dates and new angles around them visit our Key Dates Calendar

One Final Tip:

“Keep your finger on the pulse.” Set up news alerts and use our weekly prompts to keep your finger on the pulse of what’s being said about your industry or could be applied to you. Responding to a story that already has “legs” is a great way to ride the media wave
And remember, if you’re looking to get on board, you’ll need to at quickly. If you have a story idea, submit your release to our Press Room as soon as you can and give the media time to act and respond.