The post holiday lull is over, the media is back at work and the news cycles for 2019 are in full swing.
That means it is time to start thinking about your news angles and release ideas for February 2019 and beyond.
Read on, and we’ll outline a few ideas to make big impacts in your February PR and media exposure.

Tip of the Month:

When writing your releases avoid jargon, jargon and abbreviations can get in the way of a good story.
Give your terms the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) approach so you don’t confuse the journalist or reader.
And remember what may be common parlance in your industry might need simplification for the average reader!

February Facts:

  • The birthstone for February is Amethyst.
  • Two zodiac signs for February are Aquarius (January 20 – February 18) and Pisces (February 19 – March 20)


Release Ideas and Angles for February

Timing is everything, so here are 10 ideas for February to get the creative juices going, if you are looking for further ideas, head to our key dates calendar. They will help you plan your PR cycle for the next three months and beyond.
Valentine’s Day:
February is the month of love. With Valentine's Day on Feb 14, the first two weeks of the month is a great time to be writing and submitting releases for the daily media.
It’s a chance to showcase happenings in your area to celebrate the holiday – from romantic date spots to family-oriented events. People love stories, they love love stories even more!
Safer Internet Habits:
February 5 is Safer internet day. Tips around safer personal and business internet use will be sought this month.  Look at highlighting some interesting ‘cool’ local startups, find some inspirational tech or internet/software-based startups and describe their journey from initial idea to forging a business model.
With school now under way and in line with Safer internet Day it’s timely to look at cyber bullying.
Any tips for spotting the signs or dealing with it? Try to find some initiatives both from the private sector and the government.
Heart Health:
February is Heart Research Month and the media will be looking for heart healthy tips for last minute fills.
So heart smart recipes and exercise are relevant, along with heart disease study results.
Easter is coming:
Easter falls towards the end of April this year. Which means the Media are thinking about it NOW!
Release ideas to consider can include activities for families, recipes, travel tips, and entertaining ideas.
World Cancer Day:
Cancer is a devastating illness that will affect nearly 50 per cent of people – whether it be a loved one or yourself. World Cancer Day is a truly global event on the 4th, uniting the World against the disease.
It’s a chance to raise awareness, educate people on the disease, and push thought leaders to take action.
Tap into this trending topic by sharing stories about cancer causes and treatments, lifestyle advice, and medical breakthroughs.
University Life:
This time of year, many students graduate uni, commence uni or return to study. Although times have changed, it’s an opportunity to open conversation about uni life, making it on a student budget, roommate survival, and living away from home.
Releases with tips and tricks that cover these topics are a blessing to new uni students on the cusp of a major life transition.
Violence against Women:
One Billion Rising is the biggest mass action to end violence against women in human history on Feb 14th
This makes the awareness topic HOT in the media. It’s a timely opportunity to highlight help services for women and the actions everyone can take to improve safety.
A lot has changed in the past year. We’re doing more on our phones, asking “Alexa” questions, and taking more interest in digital currency.
Not everyone has joined these new waves, so use the opportunity to share tips and advice about using these technologies in their daily lives.
Keeping our kids safe:
Summer’s Day is marked on February 28, highlighting the loss of children to preventable injury.
This is a timely opportunity to talk about child safety around everyday household items, and can include profiling any products, ideas or initiatives that may assist.
Feel Good February:
Created to inspire random acts of kindness around the community, Feel Good February is a great opportunity to share heartwarming stories and to encourage people to keep the movement alive throughout the month.
And feel good stories always have a spot in the Media!

Some key February dates you could write a release around:

1-28 Feb Sustainable Living Festival
14-21 Feb Sexual Health Awareness Week
14 Feb Valentine’s Day
20 Feb World Day of Social Justice

For more key dates and new angles around them visit our Key Dates Calendar

One Final Tip:

“Be Timely.” Whether you’re adding a media story or answering an opportunity, any action needs to be quick.
Given our 24/7 access to news and information, topics turn stale quicker than you think. The media are also often working 90-120 days ahead.
Take initiative in hours, not days or weeks and always be ready to act. If you have a story idea, submit your release to our Press Room as soon as you can and give the media time to act and respond.