Beginning a new quarter brings new demands and new opportunities.

Check the figures to see performance for the last quarter. Did it meet expectations? Were the KPI’s met or exceeded? What can be changed to deliver better outcomes?

Of course, get the BAS done.

Now look to this Quarter. What needs to be recognised and planned for?

Christmas is just a little way off. What marketing is planned for the period and when should it start arriving before the eyes and ears of your prospects? What is needed for the Christmas break itself:

  • Staffing – more staff / less staff / staff leave
  • Stock requirements – more stock for the rush / less stock for downtime
  • Systems & Procedures – will they allow some time off for the owner?
  • After Christmas – prepare for the downtime (or rush) that follows Christmas

Good planning, systems and procedures will see you through next and each quarter. Regardless of the challenges, changes and interruptions to ‘normal’ service, set your business on a path that will have it run smoothly and deliver the outcomes you seek.