What if motivation wasn’t something that you had to work at?

Are you working as hard at staying motivated to get out and do whatever it is you are doing, as you are at doing it?

What does that say about your alignment or relationship with what it is that you are doing?

When we are doing something that we really, really, really ‘want’ to do, there isn’t much motivation required because we are inspired to do it. Undertaking the activity to achieve the result is no longer an issue. Being inspired, we just do. And we do it now!

Think about what you are doing and how it aligns with you, your goals, your values and your ambitions. Figure out what inspires you. Here are some tips to help you identify you and your best self:

• What are your top three goals in life, right now?
• What are your five most important values?
• What is your favourite thing to do?
• What would you be doing if you were NOT worried about money?
• What have you always wanted to do but for whatever reason, failed to try?
• What would you do if you were not afraid of failing?

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