Across social media platforms I see the same story popping up from various authors speaking of the struggle of staying motivated.

A wonderful thing about life – and that includes business – is that much of what we do can be handed over to habit. Whilst there is much that is preferably not handed over to habit, there is certainly merit in creating a habit of the various activities one can use to stay on track, on the chosen path.

One thing to create a habit about is using an affirmation. An affirmation ideally will refer to achieving a goal / outcome and indicate a clarity of the path, as well as removal of impediments to achieving your outcome.
The use of an appropriate affirmation to help with overwhelm, being anxious or simply to help identify your right path can speed up achieving your outcomes.

Another daily activity to turn to habit is recognising the things that happen through your day for which you are grateful and acknowledging/expressing that gratitude. Recording these things in a journal will also help to support you as you approach further trials in your day to day.

Finding the positive aspect of anything coming your way is much easier if you have recognised positive things which have previously arrived. And dealing with issues which arrive unannounced is also remarkably easier if you have previously practised dealing with issues.

Forward planning is another great way to maintain motivation. This makes “turning up” much less stressful, as already you know what needs to be done and what the ‘doing’ will lead to. After all, it’s the end outcome we really want. The travel between that and where we happen to be now is the journey. Ideally, practice enjoying the journey.

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