The restrictions on movement and socialising because of Covid-19 are being revised and this means change in conducting business.

Now is a good time to ensure you have set your best future in place. Think about the business you have had. Think about changes you made – or didn’t make – as a result of the social isolation recently experienced.

What worked? What is to be kept? What needs to change as you move back to something more like what was? Does anything need to change?

And how do you work out if something needs to change?

Ask a few questions. Mostly of yourself.

Am I happy with what I have? What will make me happy?

Being able to identify what will make you happy gives you tremendous clues about what you should spend your time doing. If what you do in business makes you happy it will inevitably make others happy, your customers.

When we ask questions, we begin to better understand our business, our customer and ourselves.

Start with these questions: (There are more … )

  • Where do I want to end up?
  • What business do I really want?
  • What have we done?
  • What should we change?
  • What will make me happy?