You have your release written, you are happy with the message, now you need to market your release. Often overlooked in Marketing your release is sharing it with your audience.
Distribution channels such as Media Connections are just one of the ways to get your release out there.
The marketing channels you currently use are an excellent opportunity to promote your media releases. The media are often lurking and watching on Social Media and Newsletter lists.
Social media and marketing go hand in hand, so if you’re using Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or any other networking site to market your business, then you can share your media release directly with your audience – potentially reaching thousands of people with one post.
Using your social media marketing platforms, provides you with a great opportunity to distribute your release to your audience and the chance for it to go viral with the right hashtag or share. Remember when using Social Media it is a very visual arena so make sure you have good images to go with your release.
Some experts recommend that you highlight the fact that you’re sharing a media release with the hashtag #mediarelease or #pressrelease. When we share releases via the Media Connections social media platforms, we use the hashtags #journalistalert and #findastory.
You also have the opportunity to market your media release via email to your network. You can use a release to build your mailing list. You can also distribute your release to your subscribers – you never know, there may be a journalist of two on the list!

Marketing your Release Checklist

  • Is the media release clear?
  • Does the release align with your overall marketing and business goals?
  • Have I asked the media to take action?
  • Does it have all relevant contact details?
  • Where are we distributing the release?
    • Social Media
    • Newsletter
    • Media Distribution sites (i.e.
    • Our own media List

Finally, it’s important that your media release is the best it can be. Don’t forget to make it easy to read, that it can be cut in the newsroom and still make sense, and that your copy is as clean and jargon as you can make it.
There is a lot of competition out there. This means that only the best media releases get attention and achieve their goals.
If you would like help from the Media Connections team, we can review your release for you via our Review and Edit Your Media Release service in the Media Store.