There’s the paperwork, the staff liaison, the bookwork and then whatever role you play in your business. And that’s not to mention the life you lead outside your actual business realm. Yes, it can be hard to find extra time, but here’s how to make time for your coach and why it’s so important.

An hour

Just as you schedule time to meet your bookkeeper, accountant or company lawyer it’s vital you set aside designated time to speak with your coach. Depending on your requirements, that can be an hour a week or more, but the time should be factored into your weekly routine, and your schedule should be cleared for it.

Many coaches appreciate that business is sometimes conducted outside of hours, so talk with them about what time you have available that will be free of interruptions and distractions. Then make an effort to keep that time as part of your weekly schedule so you are touching base on a regular basis to chart progress and implement plans.

A list

Throughout the week make a list of questions or items you wish to discuss to omptimise your time with your coach. It can be as simple as notes jotted down in your desk diary, or ideas sketched out on your computer. Then when it comes time to talk with your coach you have a full list of your queries and cover the items most pertinent to you.

You may even wish to whip up a quick email in advance of your meeting, noting down items you wish to address during your scheduled discussion.

A financial reward

The most important factor to consider is that you have engaged a coach is that this is ultimately about a financial reward. You are investing time and money to achieve this end so use the opportunity by making and utilising the time effectively.

You may wish to set milestones with your coach at the outset to ensure you are staying on track, and this will also motivate you to make the appropriate time each week. You can also make lists with your coach each week to ensure you are meeting goals along the way that can be measured.

A two-way street

While your coach is providing invaluable expertise or business insight, the success of the experience will ultimately be determined by your commitment to the process. By making time for your coach and utilising their services to the maximum, you ensure your investment in the future of your business pays off.