Like finding the right business partner or choosing the best staff member, selecting a business coach is about more than what you see on paper. This is a person who will understand your goals and work with you to meet them, bringing their skill set to the table to help you attain your success. Here are five factors that make a good business coach.


Arguably the most important factor a good business coach brings to the table is their expertise. Whether you are looking to establish a marketing plan, gain an overview of your business or tighten up your figures, you need to select a business coach who meets your needs with their skill set. You want someone with runs on the board, so look for testimonials from people who have used your prospective coach’s services in the past.

Business experience

Small business is a complex beast and best understood by those who have been a part of it either in their own business or working extensively with business owners. A good coach will understand that small business is about competing needs where time, finances, lifestyle and responsibility for your staff are all thrown into the day-to-day mix. They will also comprehend that business is one part passion, one part paperwork, one part daily grind, and one part cash.

Big picture approach

The biggest attribute a coach can bring to the table is their ability to see your business from the outside and the best coaches will have a big picture approach. They understand that while this year you hope to increase your figures, next year you may want something more and in 10 year’s time you plan to be the biggest player on the business field. A good coach will bring strategies, plans and techniques to the table to get you where you want to go, and can even help establish what those goals may be.

Listening skills

A great coach will come to be your business sounding board as someone you can pitch ideas to, brainstorm with and discuss the path forward. This means you need someone willing to listen to what you have to say. It’s your business and your future, so a good coach will take the time to listen to what you hope to achieve and work with you to meet your goals.


Expertise, technique and listening are just part of the skills a great coach will bring to the table, but the real test is in finding someone you are comfortable working with, and that simply comes down to personality. The likelihood is you will be sharing your dreams, fears and intimate finances with this person so it needs to be someone you can trust and ultimately enjoy working with. Talk with any prospective coach on the phone or in person to gauge whether their style suits yours

Bringing a great coach into your business can be one of the most valuable investments you make, and taking the time to select the right person can set you on an immediate path to success.