We are not long into a New Year and already most of the New Year resolutions that were made have been forgotten.

Does this mean that people are losing focus? Or are not sure which path they are meant to follow?

For some, there will be a lack of direction and this is the time for a leader to take control and lead the team toward the goals and objectives defined.

Not everyone has had training about how to be a leader to deliver results while at the same time maintaining a high level of morale and keeping people focused on doing the task at hand. For those people, leadership can feel like a heavy burden. And whilst we would all like to have the appropriate training, that takes time. In the short term, ‘how does one be a leader?’

A leader has an objective, a goal to be achieved. Therefore the best action to take is to do something. Take action which will propel you and your team toward achieving the desired outcome. The more enthusiasm you apply to taking the action, the more the team will ‘get onboard’. Clear direction and enthusiastic performance will generate greater performance.

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