Ok so this is a rant from me! However I cannot stress enough that whether it is business or personal we should remember that other people will read our writing and care how it is written.
Anyone who knows me knows that a resume or application that comes my way without Capital Letters in the person’s own name indicates to me a lack of self-respect. They also know that I expect the same from resumes and cover letters also use of grammar and capital letters to show respect. If you use Social Media to contact me I expect the same.
The other week I was given the excuse that it is only the internet and at least I am not using text speaker  by a candidate who was looking to work in my business. I am still in shock by the comment when I raised and issue of concern but also worried that is has become acceptable.
In business or personal life your profiles once they make it to the web can be read by future clients or employer let alone your current ones. It is not only the content of our profiles we need to consider when posting online it is also how, when and where we post.
Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are all tools used and researched by recruiter and employers and we all know our clients look to the Word of Mouth advertising that Social Media offers. So why do people see the need to drop basic communication skills on these levels?
Working Mummy rant is over but I would love to hear what others think!