From last week to this week, it can look like the landscape has changed so much that uncertainty seems to be the appropriate state of mind.

But, look more closely and with an open mind and things might not have changed at all.

Last week someone needed help and you provided it. What’s different this week?

In business, supporting another is what the effort is for. And while sometimes it can feel that it is all ‘effort’, it is laying the foundations for your success. What you give is what you get. Delivering good service ensures you receive in return.

Like for like. It’s an old story for a reason. The story continues to be proven true time and time again.

Often events and circumstances present as being different and the common reaction is to perceive change and change behaviour.

However, different doesn’t necessarily mean change requiring change from us.

Although the circumstances might be different, what we provided to service a need before is most likely what is required now to service the need. The need might be presented by differing circumstances, but the need remains the same.

When we know WHAT we do, WHY we do it, WHO we do it for and HOW we do it, etc., seeing it as what we do becomes simple. Simply providing the service others need becomes its own end.

See your business as the help others need means your work is not a labour, but a pleasure.