You’ve had this fantastic idea.

Excitement and enthusiasm abound.

What will you do with this world beater of an idea?

As time passes you answer all the questions you can think of and the idea becomes a vision. A vision of how the world will change because of your idea. How humankind will benefit from this tremendous discovery. And you’re ready to go to the market, convinced of how well you will be received. After all, it’s a no-brainer. You can smell all the piles of money as you lounge within them.

Why are prospective customers so reluctant? Why are they not stampeding your business with orders? Everyone “needs” this – What is holding them back?

The journey from idea to opening the doors is perhaps the most difficult to get right. Opening the shop before being absolutely clear on all that is needed to be clear on, is a recipe for stress, pain and worry. 65% of businesses fail within the first three years – is that because they are not entirely clear?

How to travel the journey:
• Examine the idea
• Identify the areas of concern
• Overcome areas of concern by understanding process
• Understand why – precisely why – someone will buy from you
• Know how to have the right conversation – from marketing through repeat customer

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