When creating courses, you inevitably end up with a lot of quality content, which you may or may not use in your course. An advantage to having all this content is that when creating your courses, you can reuse your content across multiple streams, whether that be in different courses or in your advertising or marketing. 

If you find yourself in this position, don’t despair. There is a way for you to use the content you’ve spent a lot of time creating to increase engagement and drive conversions to your course, in turn boosting your revenue and all without doing all that much more work – a virtual summit

What is a Virtual Summit? 

There’s a good chance you’ve attended a summit before – they tend to centre around one subject and can branch out into different topics within that area. Summits are often smaller, bite-sized sections within a bigger overall learning experience. 

Virtual summits are very much like those you may have attended in person, and can be conducted as either a live summit or on-demand to people across the world. 

One of the things that draws many people to course creation is having a lot of good knowledge on a subject area, simply, you know your stuff. But you also know that you can’t cover everything. This is where a virtual summit steps in – you can use one subject as the centre focal point, which is broad enough to attract a large audience, but specific enough that your audience knows what you are going to be talking about and the value that it will bring them. 

Virtual summits are often marketed as “talks” or “sessions” and are usually a video presentation by the speaker, which may be yourself as the course creator or you may work with colleagues to bring about a bigger summit. 

Summits can also be done in the form of a panel discussion, a live Q & A or an interview. It might mean slightly altering your content or filming new content (if your current content is mostly written), but it’s a great way to work within your network to bring relevant information to those interested. 

Why Course Creators Host Virtual Summits 

You’ve spent time creating your course, but it isn’t going to sell itself. Utilising marketing and advertising will only take you so far, whereas a virtual summit can help you reach a new audience. 

Here are just three reasons why hosting a virtual summit can help you sell courses:

  1. Reach a Wider Audience

A live virtual summit is one way to get more people looking at your content. You could upload your videos to your website, but that’s leaving it to chance that people will stumble upon your content. We know that growing a business doesn’t tend to happen like that and it takes a lot of work to find a new audience. 

Virtual summits allow you to create an experience for your audience, where the information can be gained at any time. It gives you an engaged audience who are really looking for the information you are giving rather than someone who may just stumble upon it one day. A summit allows people to register to attend, which means they are committed and believe that the knowledge you have is specific for their needs. 

  1. Networking  

While many course creators tend to speak at their own summits initially, it can be a great idea to have external speakers on board as well. This may be people you have worked with or other people within your field who have knowledge to share. Networking and interacting with other experts in your field not only gives you credibility with your own audience, but can introduce you and grow your credibility with other people who may never have come across you. 

  1. Generating Revenue

Even if your initial summit is free, you can sell passes to future summits or offer additional products and services that help to add value to what you are already providing. This is the spot to utilise and repurpose the content you already have – workbooks, presentations and consultations are great products and services to add to your virtual summit. 

HeySummit – The Virtual Summit Platform for Course Creators

Like the first time using many platforms, setting up your first virtual summit can be a learning curve. There’s lots involved in the initial set up from the overall strategy right down to engagement tools used. 

HeySummit gives you a platform where you can turn the content you have into a marketing strategy, making it easy for people to discover your content and register for your summit. The platform really puts you in charge though – you can decide when to activate a community, offer viral rewards, giveaways and more. 

Once you’ve done the basic set up, updating your content is relatively straightforward – HeySummit integrated with a number of live-streaming and video-hosting platforms. Attendees can easily access the sessions they have signed up for, and you can stay in contact with them pre, during and after the summit via email. 

If you’ve considered taking your courses to a wider audience, or you’d like a different way to grow your brand, a virtual summit is a great way to do so. With a 14 day, no strings attached free trial, you can discover HeySummit and the full suite of virtual summit tools in your own time. 

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