It makes my day when a client tells me they get something from what we do! And on Saturday morning I got to wake up to a lovely post of Facebook from one of our Media Connections Media Ready attendees:

I was privileged yesterday to be a part of a group at Merevik on Ryrie in Geelong at Todd Hubers Offices and work centre for a group session with Linda Reed Enever on the subject of Media Marketing among other things, I also made some very good connections with other guests that I am sure ended up with just as much help and information as I did.
The great thing about the connection with Linda, there was no pressure there was a lot of suggestion, direction, communication and a great deal of understanding of her industry and I would be very comfortable working with Linda in the future as I am sure the other in the group would all agree.
I would recommend if you have the opportunity in the future to participate in one of Linda Reed Enever Groups do so, you would find it very informative.

Phil Costello

What excites me even more is that later this year I will be heading back to Geelong to work with these amazing business owners again!