For many, today is the first day back at work following a break. Ideally the break allowed for rest, recreation and recuperation from the efforts of the previous year. Now is the time to FOCUS and APPLY.

Knowing what to focus on is challenging for some. Knowing what to apply can also be challenging.

In a perfect world goals are already set, activity to achieve those goals identified and applying the skills to perform those activities is all set and indeed, underway.

For those who have not arrived at that point yet – set some goals! Make the goals something that will inspire you to action every day. Being inspired each day invites those around you to match your greater effort. Goals are achieved more readily. Having achieved that goal, move onto the next. Keep the momentum moving in your direction.

If you are unsure how to set and achieve goals, just take the first step. Identify the goal and write it down. Often the next step/s will then make themselves known to you and things will unfold in your favour. Learn from the experience and get better at it if you can.

Make this year your best year.

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