Most business owners know WHAT they want to do or achieve.

They also have the passion and the knowledge WHY they want to do it. But far too many business owners don’t know HOW to achieve their goals. Business planning is all about the HOW.

The process of discovering the especially important parts of what makes your business proposition attractive to a prospective customer follow a specific path.

Typically beginning from a point of uncertainty, it requires these steps…

  1. Thoughts – These are your dreams, wishes and aspirations
  2. Chaos – The period between thoughts, dreams and action
  3. Form and direction – Work through the chaos to find form and direction
  4. Clarity – With the form and direction comes
  5. Certainty – From clarity you can begin to act upon your dreams with certainty
  6. Success – Certainty about what you want and how to achieve it
  7. Activity – while we cannot control the result, we can control the activity to deliver the success

Circumstances only appear as challenges if we doubt our ability to overcome them.”

When we know WHAT we do, WHY we do it, WHO we do it for and HOW we do it, doing it becomes a joy. When we enjoy what we do it makes for continuing success.

Planning means being aware of what can impact your business – before it happens. This makes for a road better travelled.