Like any business, finding prospective coaching clients and letting them know what you do can be one of the most challenging parts of establishing your mentoring service, especially in the early days when you’re first starting out. Here are five tips for coaches to shortcut the process of attracting clients.

Know your demographic

Not all coaching services or mentoring roles are the same. Some coaches specialise in figures, others in social marketing and others in general business. So as you would tell your business clientele, know your demographic and “fish where the fish are.” That means advertising, blogging or attending events where your clientele network or seek services.


As a business coach, the likelihood is you espouse the values of networking and know that the more people who know who you are and what you do, the more likely people are to recommend and use your services. So follow your own sage advice: do the legwork and network, attending relevant seminars, joining chambers of commerce, and meeting the right people.

Share your expertise

Whether it’s a regular blogging post, timely press release with tips, article on a website or speech at a seminar, be prepared to share your expertise (often for free) to get the word out and establish yourself as an expert with standing in your field. Creating items like regular blogs on your own site or submitting them to a relevant website are a great way of sharing advice in your area of expertise and ensuring people become familiar with your name.

Be clear what you offer

If people do look you up or contact you, what exactly do you offer? Be clear with prospective clients in your marketing and correspondence about what they can expect within what time frame. Is it a review of the business plan that spans a select number of sessions? Is it a look at their marketing and five strategies to improve it? Or is it a month of guidance, with contact once a week?

Use the word

The most valuable asset you possess is word of mouth referrals and written testimonials. So use them. If that means initially you have to provide your services at a reduced fee, then do so, and ask clients for testimonials that they are willing to have published on your site or elsewhere.

Testimonials and referrals hold more value to new clients, telling more about you than any advertisement can.