Tips Tuesday: Finding Release Ideas in your business to share with the Media

Earning media attention is one of the best forms of word of mouth marketing you can attract, as it is someone else saying your story is worthy to share. One of my favourite ways to brainstorm ideas is the use of the work-out-loud technique which we will explore in this episode of Talk.

The technique was coined by John Stepper and encourages people, and businesses to talk about what they are currently working on, what is trending, and what their people are saying and turn it into content ideas.

Sharing your story with the media is just that, sharing your story, not a sales pitch and if the journalist can smell “selling” they will run a mile.

When looking for media release ideas to share with the media, work out loud and share what you are doing with the media, they get to “know” you and you tell a story because by working out loud your foundation of your release starts with a conversation.

Once you find the ideas come and share them in the Press Room at Media Connections