At a networking event today it came up about liker number and the effect that business page use has had on the growth of pages. Likes from a business page don’t count as a liker of a business page and combined with all the other Facebook changes it is now harder to grow a liker base.
For me I have hardly used the business profiles of my pages since they came in and if we do it is maybe once a week or so that we do. The reason being that I like people to meet me and to introduce the business/service of our range of brands to the page or group I am communicating with.
Reasons to Use your Personal Profile on Facebook:

  • To Participate in groups (this is not available in page mode)
  • To keep the personal aspect of Social Networking
  • To allow people to know your business and you
  • To like pages so that the liker base for the page increases (Karma will see it come back to you

I maybe old fashioned but I like using my profile to network on Facebook and for me I see it as an important tool in my business in addition to pages and groups.
Till next Time