Why Write a Release:

Winning an award is a great time to share your story with the media as it adds to the credibility of you and your team. The media are often interested in local or industry success stories.


Title: [Awardee] will be given [a/an] [award, medal, etc.] for [feats that earned him/her an award].

[City, State] – Today, we celebrate a joyous occasion as one of our own has etched [his/her] name in the history of our great city of [City]. As [Awardee] will be awarded with [a/an] [medal of, certificate of, etc.] for [his/her] [efforts in, great performance of, etc.] [Feat].

[Describe the story of how the Awardee did his/her glorious Feat to a point where he/she was recognized.]

[A short background of the Awardee followed by what his/her inspiration was.]

[Quotes from the Awardee of how thankful he/she is about the certain Award he/she received from the city of his/her origin.]

[Media Contact Details]

[Company Boilerplate]