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Upselling to the Next Level

October 10 @ 9:15 am - 10:15 am

Taking upselling to new heights.

No matter where your students are in your marketing journey, there is a likely chance that even if they have bought from you, you might want to upsell them to the next level. 

In this session, we will look at ways you can do that:

  • Understanding the upselling mindset – Discover the psychology behind upselling and why it’s crucial for maximizing customer value.
  • Identifying upselling opportunities – Learn how to spot the perfect moments to offer upgrades, add-ons, or advanced products/services to your existing customers.
  • Crafting irresistible offers – Master the art of creating compelling upsell offers that align with your customer’s needs and desires.
  • Effective communication techniques – Uncover powerful communication strategies to present upsell opportunities without being pushy or sales-y.

Join us for “Upselling to the Next Level” this October 10th at 9:15 am AEST.

How-to Sessions are Course Creators Circle VIP member-only events and best attended live for the Q&A you get with Linda, however, there will be recording access in our members’ area available for 12 months post-session.

Access the live session in The Course Creators Circle

Not a Course Creators Circle Member? You can join us here and attend the session. 

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