According to what is out on Social Media and heard in general discussion, a large difficulty for many is, obtaining from a service or product provider, what the customer ‘thought’ they were going to receive.

It goes without saying that business is about passion and a drive to succeed. It is the reason why you go into business and seek to expand it. Passion is also about your mindset, your evaluation of your goals and your commitment to succeed in your field. Once you have that drive and passion, it’s all about how to achieve your goals, and that comes down to planning.

A good business plan is like a map showing you where you wish to go and your route for getting there. The destination can change and the route be upgraded as your business grows.

Your plan should cover: Marketing; Operations; the Organisation; & Finances.

In warfare they call it reconnaissance, in business it’s due diligence, but the bottom line is good research is the key foundation to a new business.