Every day demands decisions of each person.

And each of us can choose our day.

Do you see each day on repeat, or is it an occasion to express why you are here? When you see the dawn, are you seeing the grey light of ‘just another day’, or are you seeing the promise of opportunity and hearing the new bird song heralding that opportunity?

Making decisions means you have the choice of which day you will have. Taking best advantage of each day comes back to what your expectations are. And your expectations are best encompassed within goals or objectives.

To help identify your goals, answer these questions.
• What is something you want from life, right now?
• What are five values most important to you?
• What is your favourite thing to do? (What gives you the most personal satisfaction)
• What would you be doing if you thought you couldn’t possibly fail?
• What have you always wanted to do but for whatever reason, failed to try?

The wonderful thing about each new day is that it is ‘your day’. You get to choose how you will spend it, how you will make use of it to deliver your outcomes.

Will you choose to hear the birds singing there welcome to the light of a new day? Or will you be focusing on something else?

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