After a break, many return to the workplace with issues. Sometimes that amounts to an employee having discovered they are not in the right place. This could mean allowing a person to move on and finding a replacement.

Often however, an employer confronted with this information tries to retain the person, rather than move on. This introduces a raft of issues – increased management attention; more time for that individual; changes in expectations and various other things, all of which mean that other areas are missing out. Frequently, it also means heightened stress levels – often for both parties.

If the one wanting or needing to move on is the business owner, that introduces a whole other range of needs.

Many other things are introduced following a break, be it a holiday or just a period where some activity has been left.

Getting back to the goals early is the key to delivering the preferred result.

For most this is the second week back from annual holidays. Some will be back for their first week. Some will still be on holiday. When you’re back, be back. Focus. Focus on what will deliver the result. Perform the activity required while focused on the goal/s and very quickly results will flow.

Make this year your best year. An find more information and strategy for dealing with events expected or unexpected here: