Clearing the Path – sounds like a big job. And in some ways, it is a big job.

However, if we look at the task and identify what is necessary to deliver the result – a Clear Path – then perhaps it doesn’t need to be so overwhelming, so daunting.

Often when people look at the road ahead, they see it covered with all manner of litter and various other difficulties which need to be overcome if they are to move forward.

Take the time to look from a slightly different angle. Perhaps the path we’ve identified as the way for us to go is not necessarily the best path. Perhaps that’s why it’s littered with debris. Perhaps it’s trying to show us that this is not the right way.

What is the right way?

The right way for a given individual might be a very different way to any other individual. However, to set up the right way for any individual the same underlying method can be used to discover and identify the specific path.
• How you want to do what you do – when, where, how etc
• What your ideal customer wants from you – expectation
• How to identify your ideal customer – “knowing” your ideal customer
• How to qualify your ideal customer – clearly identifying your ideal customer
• Establishing the working relationship – managing expectation and outcome
• Reducing Customer Service issues – satisfied customers
• Who you ‘really’ want to work with – your ideal client