Change is with us every day whether we like it or not.

Although most of us have a problem with change, we can learn to make better use of whatever circumstances confront us. Whenever they come calling.

The most important thing about changing circumstances is to recognise the change. Followed quickly by discovering what the change really is. And as early as possible identifying what affect the change will have on us directly.
From there, change is not all that scary. It is just a set of circumstances which provide the basis for what outcome we might expect from a given action and behaviour.

“Change is a wonderful thing – as long as you’re in charge of it.”

How to handle change:
• Recognise there is change
• See the change for what it is – be clear
• Make decisions to deliver your outcomes within the new circumstances
• Act – take action in line with the new decision

Changes happening now around the JobKeeper program might affect you and your business directly. JobKeeper 1.0 ends 27th September 2020. JobKeeper 2.0 will extend and change the program.

Changes include:
• Employee eligibility
• Duration of the program
• Qualifying to claim
• Value of the Subsidy

To be aware of how those changes affect you, join my webinar “JobKeeper – What it Means to You” on Monday 31st August, when I will be joined by Kylea Martin of Safety in Numbers Group to discuss JobKeeper and its rules.

Kylea will help us understanding the changes happening within the JobKeeper program and how they affect our situation. Register for the webinar: