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Working with Journalists

Journalists are the key to having your story conveyed. To successfully work with the media, we need to understand that journalists live in an ever-changing world of deadlines and demands which can all alter in an instant. What was destined to lead the front page in the morning may have changed numerous times by noon as events occur and announcements are made.

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Make your headline standout with these tips and tools

A headline can be the make or break of your media release, so it is key/essential to make sure your headline stands out and grabs the reader’s attention.

The formula of a headline is short, snappy and attention grabbing. It should include points from your release or post, and sum up your subject and why it is newsworthy.

In short it the headline needs to stand out and say read me or your readers will want to read me!

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Evergreen News Angles & Story Ideas for each month of the Year

There’s a term we use in the media, and it unlocks a wealth of solid PR opportunities – “Evergreen”. The word evergreen is most often used by editors to describe content that is of that is perpetually relevant—much like the way evergreen trees retain their leaves all year round.

By tapping into evergreen topics you can create a great media plan to add to your Marketing Planner.

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An Introduction to The Media and PR

Traditional media is the print, TV and radio; from your daily news to your monthly magazines and news features.The digital era has seen the media grow, diversify and morph into the online world. Online media means that the news is now more social. The reach is wider and your audience is more accessible than ever. Public Relations is all about relating your business to the public: telling your story, building your brand and sharing your message in a way that the media and general population will relate to you and bond to and recognise your brand.

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