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What PR isn’t and what it can’t do for your business

When considering a PR strategy for your business, it is just as important to understand what PR isn’t and what it can’t do as it is to look at what PR can achieve.
Often we hear that PR is the Magic Bullet and the answer to many a marketing prayer. That simply isn’t the case. PR is part of a greater strategy to build a business brand where you are renowned for your expertise.

To help you get the most from PR let’s cover some of the things that PR isn’t as well as things that it can’t do so you have a better understanding when to engage PR as part of your marketing procedures.

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Free PR is a Myth

FREE PR is a term that I hear often and YES while you can generate PR for your business without spending $$$ there is a cost involved and despite what some will tell you, there’s no such thing as FREE PR

In business time is money and among the list of things to fill that time is establishing a media presence to attract clientele and carefully hone your image.

It takes time and consistent effort to ensure your company is presented in the best light to the widest possible audience, regardless of whether you outsource your PR or handle it in-house.

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