You have put a lot of work into your blog and people are starting to read it. There is one questions you may have overlooked when putting your blog together.

Can your readers engage with your blog?

After putting all the work into creating your blog and sharing it, we want to make sure that readers can engage with it too.
Over the past few weeks, we have been running some blogging engagement threads in Business Business Business recently to help our community boost their blog credibility and visibility. In the threads, two things have popped up.
Comments are not enabled, which is stopping the reader from engaging on your blog through commenting. And Social Sharing has not been added to the post so if the reader loves what they are reading there is no easy way to share it.
In the Blogging for Business eCourse, I have included lots of blogging tips to help you make the most of your business blog. Engaging your audience is just one of them and for these 2 issues we have seen popping up we have created videos to help you make sure your readers engage with your blog.
I decided to release them outside of the course so we could help our BBB members and my readers engage their audience too.
I hope they help you!