Knowledge & Skills for Your Business

The Enever Group Business Academy combines the Skills and Knowledge of Business Business Business Founders, Clive Enever and Linda Reed-Enever in one central learning hub.

Both industry and business leaders in their own right Clive and Linda are both passionate about empowerment through education and knowledge.

As a Thinkific Expert Linda & Clive host the Academey on Thinkific.

The Marketing Circle

Led by our Ideas Strategist Linda Reed-Enever, The Marketing Circle is her inner circle community where you get to work with her on all things marketing in a group environment.


Designed to provide you with resources and real, easy-to-implement strategies, your membership is packed full of courses and how-to’s to help you succeed. And you’ll also have expertise readily at hand.


Marketing Circle Members get access to Linda’s Course Library on Thinkific, a Q&A Session with her each month PLUS a How to Webinar each month. She also supports her Marketing Circle Members with a dedicated Facebook Group for all things Marketing.

There are Monthly, Quaterly and Annual Membership Options.





The Strategy Circle

Led by Business Strategist Clive Enever a 12 Month Program The Strategy Circle empowers business owners through strategy and connection on a group level.

It is the place where you get to talk about business in a safe zone where we are committed to your business growth.

Strategy Circle members get access to Clive’s Course Library, a monthly mastermind session and a dedicated support group.

We run 3 Intakes a Year into the Strategy Circle

The Course Creators Circle

The Course Creators Circle is for the educators who love to teach what they do.

Led by Thinkific Expert and Idea’s Strategist Linda Reed-Enever, The Course Creators Circle has been created to share with you tools tips and checklists that will help you create and market your course.

We even have our own Facebook Group where we talk Course Creation.