If you’re busy in your business, each day brings something that looks like a problem. Sometimes it is. Sometimes it’s not. As with all things, each piece of feedback deserves to be addressed, examined and handled appropriately. Many times in the hustle and bustle of life in business things are not what they appear at first glance.

Whether feedback arrives as a congratulatory testimonial or as a complaint, each piece of feedback should be examined for the merit it contains.

In all things there is some truth.

Feedback, whatever its style, contains information which can be useful to your business. This is what is meant by ‘your customers tell you how to run your business.

Like all information it needs to be reviewed and then determine how, or if, it can help you grow your business to better support your customers.

It’s easy to become too busy or become overwhelmed by being ‘busy’ and become reactive rather than proactive. When this happens it’s easy to think a molehill is a mountain. Those are the moments to be avoided. Find more about business here https://www.cliveenever.com.au/category/being-in-business/