35 years ago 2 amazing people welcomed me into this world and I cannot thank my Mum and Dad enough for all that they taught and have done for me throughout the years. I have lived an amazing life for 35 and cannot wait to see what the next 35 years of my life bring!
35 is a big birthday for me, at 30 I was pregnant with Miss C and did not really get time to celebrate but now I can and am. My amazing family and friends are spoiling me with dinner and Miss C has made me a gift all of her own so I thought I would spoil YOU with some pressies:

  1. I would like to offer anyone who needs it a 15 min Media and Marketing call on me.
  2. ThoughtSpot PR and Media Connections are taking 15% off all services and memberships when you use the code LINDA35 on checkout before the Midnight on the 29th of October.

So join me in celebrating my 35th and book a call with me here:
Or visit Media Connections or ThoughtSpot PR to get your 15% off offer.