Think of the sporting greats and behind every champion is a great coach. Consider the stellar students of the world and behind every achiever is a mentor. So why is business any different? Just like in sports or studies, having a person with greater insight and experience to assist you in business can be a huge leap towards success. A coach can help business owners take the next step and here are just three of the reasons why.

Outsider’s perspective

On the sidelines of every sporting game played at a professional level is the coach, watching the play, taking in the moves and examining the actions. From their outsider’s vantage point they see the game as a whole, devoid of the emotion of face to face play. They note where their team’s defense is lacking, where the players’ strengths are, and provide insight into the best strategies to achieve the ultimate outcome.

It’s the same in business where a coach or mentor can view your business as a whole, noting the weaknesses, the strengths, and providing advice that can be game-changing, whether that’s embracing social media, utilising technology or tightening up your branding.


The best mentors in the academic world come with a wealth of experience under their belt. They’ve seen what it takes to succeed, have done so themselves, and welcome the opportunity to foster real talent.

So why do so many people shy away from seeking a similar guide in the business world? In business the likelihood is you seek advice on taxation, technology and legal affairs but why not the advice of someone who has been there and done the hard yards of establishing a business themselves? This is a person who can save you a whole lot of time, effort and ultimately money by sharing the wisdom of experience, while fostering your business talent along the way.


It’s an old saying but a goodie: “It’s not what you know but who you know that counts”. An often underestimated asset that a business coach brings to the table is their contacts. These are proven people who know how to get a job done or who could be a link to your potential clients. The best thing is these are contacts who have established themselves as reliable, influential or trustworthy, saving you a whole lot of time when it comes to seeking out, vetting and establishing your own solid network.

If someone offered you a shortcut to success and achieving the business you wanted, odds are you’d take it. Well in business, like sport or academia, that shortcut can be as simple as a coach or mentor. So what’s stopping you from making the leap?