Bright shiny objects and new tools are two things I love and being an AppSumo referral partner I thought it would be fun to bring in a new series with my new site called AppSumo Finds as we find them so you can jump on some cool tools for your business as we have.

Each month I will share the deals we grabbed or have grabbed and added to our toolkit and how we are using the tool, we started today so here is the video and the list we have picked up over the last few weeks and months and there are some amazing tools in my AppsSumo Finds!


Peppertype: Help to draft those emails and social media posts is an AI-powered content generation tool that creates engaging content for a variety of channels in just seconds. We have put it to the test and WOW is all we can say you still have to tweak but is pretty amazing. We have created social posts, outlines for videos and blogs, email frameworks, and more since using it

Rytr: Blog Outlines and more

Rytr writes for you we have been using Rytr for a few months now and I love it for what it creates for us. 

An AI writing assistant Rytr will write for you when you set your tone and topic and style we are using Rytr to help us look at blog outlines and video ideas and topics using the blog outline tool 

Linktube: Link in bio that brings together multiple content feeds and more

I love my stats and LinkTube smart pages are helping me see what works in our Link in bios from clicks to calls.

LinkTube is a personalized landing page that can easily drive traffic, visibility, and engagement for all content.

Ultimately, LinkTube is a one-click gateway for all your content to drive massive actions like increasing views for YouTube videos, email subscriptions, page views for blogs, and social followers… all directly translating to higher sales for web stores.

We are using ours on Insta and Tiktok as well as our Digital Cards and QR Codes 

WOXO: Videos from a spreadsheet

With WOXO, you can craft content on a Google spreadsheet and quickly convert it into videos. We are still playing with it but I am loving the idea of taking those tip banks we have and making videos and stories from them

Pictory: How I love Pictory I upgrade instantly within minutes of using it!

Extract short video highlights from webinars, video podcasts, and demos, plus add captions, branded bumpers, logos, and music to your videos.

Create for taking long-form and making short for

Great for removing fill words like ums

Great for burning in captions to your videos

We have used to export audio and text too for podcasts

AND you can turn long-form text content into summary videos and use stock media assets, text-to-speech, and music

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