Appreciate the Little Things join me for a 365 Appreciation Challenge on Instagram
The little things in life often give us so much joy, but in the businesses of life and life, in general, we often miss them. 2017 was one of my toughest years ever in a lot of ways BUT it also had a lot of amazing moments and little things that made the year awesome too, so in 2018 I am going to capture these moments in a 365 Appreciation Challenge
365 projects around appreciation are not new, you may have heard of 365 Grateful started by Hailey and Andrew Bartholomew. When Hailey a little like me in 2008 realised she was missing moments and used the project to be grateful and reflect on moments to make her happy.
Hailey’s project turned into a book! 365 Grateful is a collection of photographs recounting Hailey’s transformation from depression to an unhindered appreciation of the world around her, combined with stories and images from many others from around the world who have encountered the effects of gratitude. This uplifting book will inspire you to look at the world with new eyes, emphasising gratitude over anxiety in everyday moments.
It was after reading Hailey’s story from the couch I thought in 2018 I would give it my own twist and start my own 365 grateful project#365APPRECIATION and invite my readers and the Business Business Business community to come along and join me.

Let’s get started!

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  • Download the list of 95 ideas and let’s get started!

Looking forward to seeing your moments on Instagram!