Fear stops people achieving. Regardless of the dreams and wishes expressed, if a person is overcome by fear, achievement is impossible.

Fear treads on imagination – snuffs it out. Fear removes your self reliance – excises it so that you doubt yourself in every respect. Fear sucks out all enthusiasm – no matter how hard you try, those around you see only a try too hard. Fear takes the place of initiative and drives the sufferer to uncertainty. Fear invites and delivers failure in every form you can imagine.

The 3 major fears people have are:
1. Lack [Poverty]
2. Criticism; &
3. Ill Health

These can be expressed in a multitude of ways, but those ways can be brought back to these 3 major fears.

Overcoming fear is a difficult thing to do because we must find a way to stop being filled with fear.

Feeling fearful is a result of thinking oneself is afraid of some particular thing. If thinking got us into it, it is reasonable to expect that thinking can get us out of it.

Therefore let’s turn to thought. Add some thoughts which will dispel the fear:
• Use a suitable affirmation
• Be grateful for the positive things in your life
• Expect positive, proactive things to happen

Expecting to overcome fear by focusing on removing the fear is folly. What we focus on is magnified.

Focus on whatever it is that you want and the fear will simply fade away.