It is easy to believe once your social media profiles are set up, your content is flowing and your profile is active, you don’t need to check on them.
Well, that’s not quite the case…
It’s important to check in on your social profile at least weekly to ensure everything’s up to par. So, what are you looking for? 

A Quick Social Media Profile Checklist:

Have you checked your page notifications?

The messages that Facebook sends you mean something. Each offers a tip that will help your profile or page better serve your audience and your business. So, check in to see what they’re suggesting and take action if required.

Does my cover image still reflect me well?

Does the image you have selected to represent you or your brand still say what you want it to and present you in the best light?
More importantly, does it remain relevant? Just as font styles come and go, so too do photography styles and imagery. Check in to make sure yours remains current and continues to attract interest.

Is my profile image current

Yes, we all like to look our most youthful when presenting our picture on social media, but the profile images you offer should be current (not five years old, or 10 years old) but rather an up-to-date and professional, representation of who you are.
The question you need to consider is: should I meet someone in real-life at a networking function or business event, is my profile picture an accurate reflection of who I am now? i.e Would the person I meet recognise me?

Is my logo up to date?

If you have a brand page, is your logo up-to-date. Logos offer an insight into how relevant you are as a business, and one that looks tired and old can quickly see prospective clients write you off as out of touch.

Does my imagery look right?

Whether it’s due a setting change, incorrect resolution or even just a glitch, for whatever reason, the appearance of the pictures or logos you have on your social media pages can alter over time.
Ultimately this means they just look wrong, but in a professional setting it can indicate a lack of attention to detail or the inability to handle the latest social media tech.

Is my about section still accurate?

Have there been any facts or figures that you may need to alter in your profile. This is especially pertinent for brand pages where the number of staffing, service area or office location may change.
Meanwhile, have there been any rewards or items of credibility that should be added to improve your profile and make it more current?

Is my contact information up-to-date

This one’s a biggie…check in regularly to ensure your contact information remains current. For a prospective client or contact, there’s few things worse than finding contact information is no longer accurate. Meanwhile, it’s easy to overlook the small things like changing your phone number on Facebook.

Are my pinned posts working?

If you have posts pinned to the top of your social media accounts, make sure that they are working, so your most important information continues to be positioned first.

Checking in is quick, simple and important

Regularly checking in on your social media accounts ensures all the hard work you do networking and marketing continues to serve both you and your business.
It also ensures all the content you create leads people directly to contact you. Best of all, checking in is simple and only takes five minutes to complete.
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