has been in my toolkit ever since I started with video as it saves me so much time with captioning and transcribing my videos, and let’s face it I love the filming, editing, and loading of the video, the captioning is not my thing, and if it was not for a service like Rev I might just leave it! (There I said it!)

Transcription – where they type your spoken audio/video files which makes it great for blog ideas, market research, interview transcripts, meeting minutes and more.

Captions – English captions for English videos which we know increases video views and is great for the hearing impaired

Foreign Subtitles – Foreign language subtitles for English videos in eight languages so you can expand your audience reach, with their Native translators

Translation –  Translate written documents to/from English which is a great service for immigration documents, contracts
marketing material and more


  • You send your files to Rev either via upload or Youtube Import
  • Turn around in most cases 24 hours or less for  files under 30 minutes
  • And depending on what you ordered you will get your captions or transcription


  • To Create Captions to add to those videos you have on YouTube and Facebook
  • To Transcribe that great video content you already have created so you can create blog posts and key messages from it to share the videos socially
  • Talk out your next blog, sales letter or email and then have the audio file transcribed (not everyone is great with writing words and this means that you speak it out and create that conversational tone)
  • Have your eBook, videos etc translated into a video

So you can see in action (here is the transcription of the video above with my light editing at 11pm at night (not my best time)

Hi, everyone, Linda Reed-Enever, and welcome back to another Five-Minute Marketing Idea. Now, this five-minute marketing idea covers one of my favorite transcribing and transaction tools,
The reason I’m here to share this with you today is because Rev emailed me today and said I can have a special $10 offer for you, for you to be able to try in relation to those sorts things so I said what better way to share it with our community than to do a five-minute marketing idea in relation to Rev., if you don’t know what it is, it’s a video transcribing and an audio transcribing service. The reason I love it because I like to talk out ideas in the car, on the phone. I like to record videos like this one. I like to do my Friday Nights [Cheer [00:00:49] Sessions. Then I’d record how-to videos and those sorts of thing for YouTube and I want them transcribed, ready for you guys to be able to use and read.
There’s a couple of reasons that you want your videos transcribed and part of that reason is from a Google point of view and an SEO point of view. Google can’t see what you’re saying in your videos, but they can read the transcription and they can index you for keywords and information that you are sharing within your transcription. If you are loading videos to YouTube, you definitely want to be transcribing services.
I hear you saying to me, “Linda, there are free transcription services out there. Facebook would do it for me. YouTube would do it for me. They’ll put their captions on there and I don’t need to be looking at doing the captions. Why would I use someone else?” The reason for this in particular for me is really simple. Rev is managed by humans. The reason I like using [for humans [00:01:40] is they get my name right. Woo-hoo. That’s my number one reason that I like it. No, there’s a couple other reasons.
I talk really fast and for that, for some of the auto programs and the computer-oriented programs, they’re just not getting what I’m saying.
When I’m talking faster, I’m using a highly paced audio file, I tend to like to use to transcribe. I can load the same video and I can have it captioned and I can have it transcribed all in one, and I’m able to use the words as well as the captions.
I can also load my video to YouTube, click the import button to Rev and they then transcribe the video there. I can also click a button that says automatically add the caption file to Youtube for me, and if I need to edit it, edit it in Rev and it’s all there.
From the other point of view, as I tend to start loading my videos to YouTube first, especially the Ask Linda and the Five-minute Marketing tip ones to YouTube first and then, once they’re transcribed and the little file comes back, and it comes back, sometimes it’s back within 10 or 15 minutes, but they guarantee you back within 24 hours. When the file comes back, it’s ready for me to go and I can then load the video to Facebook, have a little bit of a gap between when I’ve loaded it to YouTube and Facebook. Once the order is done the Facebook SRT file and pop that up with that video and my captions are there on YouTube.
The reasons I like it for transcribing is as a talker, naturally, I will talk content out so I can record an audio file and then, have it transcribed for then my copywriting team to have that formation of a blog post or I can take a video like I’m doing here tonight and put the opportunities out there to use it.
There are some ideas for using the Rev transcribing services, go and get those videos you’ve done that have been amazing on Facebook Live or been amazing YouTube videos and load them into Rev and have them transcribed so that you can use them for blog posts.
If you find that you talk your ideas out really well and you’ve been using something like Google Talk to Type, you might want to load an audio file instead to Rev and get that transcribed into a blog post.
Those transcription files then either become key tips that you can share on social media ’cause they’ve been typed up for you. They come little introductions that maybe can go with your video or they become a blog post that you can write around and then embed that video within your website.
So there you go. There’s my Five-minute Marketing Ideas. Take your content and have it transcribed or have it captioned so that you’re reaching a further audience.
As I said, this video in particular is supported by the team at Rev, because they are giving you a $10 coupon. I’m putting my link, my partner link with them in the comments for you and in the details below. Do sign up. Give it a try. See how it goes.
With the $10 coupon, you’re going to get one or two videos definitely taken care of. Give it a shot. Give it a go. Definitely, if you’ve got video content that’s rating highly, go and grab them and get them transcribed and see if you can get some blog posts out around them as well and that’s all about repurposing your content and making the most of it.

Start Transcribing & Captioning Your Videos

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