What is it you do:
I am the Office Manager of CB Sports Network, a business my husband and I set up in 2004. We assist young Australian athletes gain sporting scholarships to US Universities. And my most important role is a Mum!!
Who inspires you:
There are 3 people in my lift who truly inspire me, my Mum, my Dad and my husband.  My Mum is one of the smartest women I know. My Dad had to travel frequently and my Mum devoted her entire life to raising myself and my two brothers. My Dad is my true business mentor and I turn to him for any advice or guidance that I need. His success in business over the last 40 years inspires me on a daily basis. And of course my husband Chris. He recently went back to University and with a wife, child and business to run it was a huge commitment, but with hard work and determination he achieved his dream.  I am lucky to be surrounded by these wonderful people!
Tell Us a little about your family:
My household includes my husband Chris, my 3 year old son Sidney and a fish called Loopy!  We have a very close extended family so weekends are always filled with family.
What do you love about what you do:
I absolutely love that via CB Sports Network we make a difference to the lives of Australian families and children. Too often children who are great athletes are advised to put their educational needs on hold to pursue their sporting careers. I love that what we do nurture the young persons dreams and aspirations whilst giving them a platform for the future.
What do you avoid doing:
– Ironing!  It is definitely on a as needs basis in this family, much to my mother’s disgust!!
What would you like to do more of:
Relaxing with my family. I love that our life is fast paced but I definitely would like a little more book reading and game playing time.
Where Can we Find You: