We are just about to head into week two of the Instagram Challenge at Business Business Busisness and I thought it would be a great time to share some Instagram Tools and apps we love in the office.
Photo Grid:
Photo Grid is the most popular photo collage maker. With Photo Grid, you can combine ordinary photos into worth-share photo collages with perfect design layout for Instagram; you can decorate your pics by applying fantastic filter, adding stickers and text; you can enjoy with your friends and families by sharing works to popular photo social networks.
We love it as it is easy to use and you can use and for us we also love that you can shake your phone and get a new layout.
Like to make your photos pretty? We do! Photofy is how we add text overlays stickers and filters to our Instagram pics!
Photofy knows your photos are an extension of you, and with our free photo-enhancement app, adding your personal touch has never been easier. Choose between thousands of professionally designed typography, graphics, stickers, and frames. In a few seconds you can transform your ordinary photos into instant works of art and expression and share them with the world.
Instagram makes full use of the hashtag and does well with unique ones crafted to suit your purposes. If your hashtag is used across all your other social media accounts, use Tagboard to keep track of them all.
If you read enough articles on social media posting tips, you would know that one of them would advise you to share some of your followers/fans posts. Enter Repost, which works the same way as the retweet button on Twitter. You can repost photos on Instagram whether on iOS or Android.