December is a month of extremes in the media as the countdown continues to Christmas, we reflect on the year that was and look to the year ahead.
It’s a month that kicks off with the Christmas frenzy but soon quietens as people go on holidays and industries, including the media, wind down for the Christmas break.
The upshot is, there are plenty of opportunities for you to be seen during a period where the media is actively calling out for fresh and interesting content.

December Facts

  • The flower symbol of December is the narcissus
  • The birthstone of December is turquoise.
  • Zodiac signs for December are Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21) and Capricorn (December 22 – January 19).

10 Media Release and PR ideas

Christmas – With only weeks to go until the big guy in red descends down chimneys across the nation, this month is all about the lead up to Christmas. It’s prime time to talk gift ideas, Christmas budgets. Christmas entertaining, Christmas stress, retail predictions and statistics, customer service and more.
Summer – December marks the beginning of the Australian summer, with the focus shifting to water safety, bushfire preparation, summer recipes, summer entertaining, summer fashion, holiday destinations, coping with the heat and keeping those cooling costs at bay.
Exam results – This month, the class of 2018 receives their exam results, making university admissions and careers a hot topic. It’s a timely opportunity to talk about education options, and budgeting and study options for tertiary education.
School Choice – While we’re talking education, many people are also looking ahead to next year when it comes to school for their child. What should people consider when selecting a school and how should they ensure their children are school ready? It’s also a good time to talk about issues like summer learning loss and the educational activities parents can offer over the summer holidays.
New Years – Christmas might be front and centre, but New Year’s Eve follows swiftly behind, New Year’s events are in the spotlight along with the best venues for the fireworks.
Resolutions – On the topic of New Year’s, resolutions will be a hot media item in the week after Christmas. That makes resolution tips timely, along with advice about seeing them through
Year in review – The period between Christmas and New Years is notoriously quiet for media outlets, and a subject they love is the year in review. This is the opportunity to outline the major changes or innovations in your industry, along with events that have shaped the year.
2019 Predictions – In the same vein, predictions for the year to come are also well received, including your tips on what will happen in your industry, in technology and the major trends that will emerge in 2019.
Finances – Finances are always big news at this time of year including budgeting advice and resolutions that affect the hip pocket.
Career –The summer holidays also see many people reflect on their career. What’s the best advice for those considering changing jobs or even careers in the year ahead.
Tip of the month – Plan, Plan Plan – as the lull of Christmas settles in, now is the opportunity to plan for the year ahead. Grab a calendar, find the dates relevant to your business and note down content that you will release throughout next year.
We wish you all the best this festive season, hope you have had an excellent 2018 and look forward to catching you in the headlines throughout December and into 2019.